Tax Credits and Donations

AZ Tax Credit Donations

How it Works

The State of Arizona offers its taxpayers the opportunity to make contributions to schools that reduce the amount of tax owed to the State or increase the amount of the taxpayers refund dollar for dollar up to $400 per year for joint filing ($200 for single filing).

Any Arizona resident is able to contribute to Bagdad Unified School District extra-curricular activities.

A contribution or fees paid to any of the following extra-curricular activities qualify:

  • Athletic fee or donations (Middle School and High School only)

  • Field Trips

  • Class or club fees (clubs/organizations, CTSO's, etc.)

  • Instructional materials supplementing standardized testing

  • Fine Arts (Band, Music, Art, Choir, Dance, etc.)

  • Character Education

  • Undesignated (your donations will go towards the activity most in need.)

To make online donations, please visit our RevTrak Store, here:

FMI Foundation Donations

How it Works

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation will match employee donations of $25 or more, up to an annual maximum of $40,000. The first $1,000 donated per institution will be double matched and any amount above $1,000 will be single matched, subject to the annual maximum.

Donations designated to be tax credit eligible, may not be eligible for a matching gift from the FM Foundation. Donations made by employees of Freeport-McMoRan that are used in any of the following ways DO NOT qualify for the matching gifts program:

  • Tuition or any other academic fees or payment made for the employee's own child/children.

  • Any donation or payment made to cover the cost to participate in any type of club or activity, including travel expenses for student trips or payment for any kind of school books, publications or equipment for an employee's own child/children.

  • Funds for school event fees or tickets that will be used by the employee or any member of their family.

  • Any other type of goods or services paid for by the employee that benefits his/her own child/children, even if the payment is called a "donation."

Eligible Participants: All permanent, full-time or part-time employees and full-time consultants (as designated by HR) employed by Freeport-McMoRan (FCX), including any division, subsidiary or affiliate of the company and members of the Corporate Board of Directors and eligible retired directors.


  • Must be made personally by the eligible participant, and must be paid, not pledged.

  • May be in the form of check, credit card payment, or securities with a quoted market value only.

  • In-kind (goods/services) or cash donations will NOT be matched by the Foundation.

  • Must be tax deductible and charitable in nature as outlined by the IRS guidelines or specifically IRS Publication 526 on Charitable Contributions.

The Freeport-McMoRan Foundation DOES NOT match:

  • Payment of tuition

  • Any fees, dues or payments for goods or services (such as travel expenses, membership, conferences subscriptions, rental equipment purchases, etc.)

  • Events, entrance fees or tickets costs

  • Advertising or marketing

  • Any other gifts to organizations or types of designations not eligible as tax-deductible charitable contribution as determined by the IRS.

Please download the guidelines and required receipt here.

Donations can be made online here.