Mickey Mouse Bus Route- Elementary only

Morning Route

7:25 AM Grant/Lawler

7:30 AM Main/Skousen

7:35 AM Maricopa

7:35 AM Lindahl/Bridleview

7:37 AM E. Park/Hopi Dr.

7:40 AM E. Papago

7:42 AM Steak House

7:48 AM Sycamore

7:50 AM Bronson

7:53 AM W. Papago

7:55 Community Campus

8:00 Grandview

Return to School

Afternoon Route

3:35 PM Grant/Lawler

3:37 PM Main/Skousen

3:40 PM Maricopa

3:40 PM Lindahl/Bridleview

3:45 PM E. Park

3:50 PM W. Park

Return to school

Donald Duck Bus Route

Morning Route- MS & HS ONLY

6:50 AM Grant/Lawler

6:52 AM Main/Skousen

6:55 AM Maricopa

6:55 AM Lindahl/Bridleview

7:00 AM E. Park/Hopi Dr.

7:05 AM E. Papago

7:07 AM Steak House

7:15 AM Sycamore

7:20 AM Bronson

7:25 AM W. Papago

7:27 AM Community Campus

7:30 AM Grandview

7:35 AM Return to School

Afternoon Route- Elementary ONLY

3:35 PM Grandview

3:40 PM Community Campus

3:45 PM Papago

3:47 PM Steakhouse

3:55 PM Sycamore

Return to School

Goofy Bus Route- Middle and High School Only

Leaves School at 3:10 PM





E. Park/Hopi

E. Papago

Steak House



W. Papago

Community Campus


Returns to School


Route #4

48 Miles one way

Van #14 or Marshmallow Bus 28Driver John Rogers 928-642-5469

Van #14 or Marshmallow Bus 28

Pick up at Wikieup School at 6:15 am

Arrives in Bagdad at 7:05 am

Afternoon Run: Leave Bagdad at 3:10 pm

Arrives in Wikieup at 4:30 pm*

*based on traffic, status of highway


Route #5

23 Miles One way

Driver Clyde Carson 928-925-4255Van Grey #17

Pick up at the Hillside School at 6:45 am

Arrives in Bagdad at 7:20 am

Afternoon Run: Leave Bagdad at 3:10 pm

Arrives in Hillside at 3:50 pm