Dual Enrollment

“Dual Enrollment is an opportunity for county high school students to register for Yavapai College level courses at their high school, during normal operating hours. Many high school students are ready to be challenged by college-level coursework and studies show that early exposure to college increases students’ likelihood of attending college after high school graduation. Students will earn credits toward their high school graduation, and also receive college credits. Yavapai College has Dual Enrollment agreements with various Yavapai County High Schools and the courses offered will have the same standards and expectations as if the course were taken on a Yavapai College Campus.”

*Yavapai College

Career and Technical Education

Starting Sophomore year, Bagdad High School Students have the opportunity to enroll in one of four Dual Enrollment CTE Programs. Student's must complete the sequence they choose before moving on to another program.

These Courses are Yavapai College classes and require students to register at Yavapai College.


Early College Reg Directions with admission directions Revised 1.29.20