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Bagdad Unified School District Counseling Program

Vision Statement - It is the vision of the BUSD School Counseling Program to assist Bagdad Middle and High School students in achieving their personal academic goals and dreams. Through Dual Enrollment programs with Yavapai College, Bagdad students are encouraged to strive for higher learning in both colleges and trade schools. Many of our students graduate with industrial certifications, which help them fulfill their individualized plans. All students deserve the chance to strive for success and are encouraged to do their best. Students are encouraged to do what is right and learn to treat others the way they want to be treated through empathy and encouragement.

Mission Statement - The BUSD School Counseling Program's mission at Bagdad Middle School and High School is to challenge and empower all students to reach their success. Through partnerships with teachers, administrators, staff, families, and the community, the program strives to present a data-informed comprehensive program that includes acquiring knowledge and skills in academic success, career exploration, and social/emotional development. The school counselor advocates for equity, access, and success for all students while empowering students to advocate for themselves and become accountable for their individual achievement.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the BUSD School Counseling Program are based on the idea that each student can meet the competencies and standards illustrated in the ASCA Model. Theses competencies are broken down in terms of Academic, Career, and Social-Emotional Development. For each competency there are coinciding standards which will be provided to students based on grade level and need. These determinations will be based on data collected by the school counselor through needs assessments, and the student information system.

Academics Objective: Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that will allow them to become lifelong learnings and give them the ability to pursue their specific post-secondary options. Students will gain a better understanding of the world of work and how to live in a community, and it’s connection to academics.

Career Objective: Students will be given the opportunity for career exploration and gain skills to individually investigate and make informed decisions about the world of work.

Social-Emotional Objective: Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and interpersonal skills to; set personal goals, understand and respect themselves and others, and understand safety and survival skills.

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