4th of July Community Contest Winners

Fireworks Display2

I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated, volunteered and attended the 4th of July events.  A special thank you to Terry Rigoni and the Bagdad Management Team for their continuous support.  Below are the lists of winners and volunteers for the 4th of July events.  The events would not have been successful if it weren’t for the many people that helped.   — Lynette Nelson

  Volunteers / Workers
Williamson Valley Fire/Rescue Bagdad Department LaFon, JP
Bagdad High School Football Team Love, Mike
Bagdad Lifeguards Love, Mindy
Brimhall, Golden Lyman, Fred
Bringle, Alice Lyman, Reina
Carpenter, Yady Maciejewski, Kristi
Carpenter, Yancy Martinez, Greg
Clean Harbors Martinez, Miranda
Colby, Tom McBride, Brian
Davis, Jamie McBride, Jack
Davis, Melvin Miranda, Christy
Decker, Bekki Murphy, Lori
Delgado, Angelina Nelson, Beau
Delgado, Jodi Phelps, Karl
Delgado, Tina Phelps, Laura
Delgado, Tom Provencio, AB
Dominguez, Rose Salazar, Danielle
Fitch, Brian Salazar, Hector
Great Outdoors Vigueria, Rueben
Hall, Steven Williams, Eric
Hulse, Michael Williams, Jan
Jackson, Sandy Williams, Ron
Jenkins, Rick Williams, Shannon
Killpack, John Williams, Tony


Thank you to Bashas’ and their personnel.  They helped with supplies for the salsa and watermelon contests, and donated water for the community.

Thank you to the American Legion for providing our Color Guard once again this year. 

Thanks to the Williamson Valley Fire/Rescue Bagdad Department. Thank you to anyone I may have missed!!!




Men’s Golf Tournament

1st Place Zach Allen & David Lawrence
2nd Place Ruben Vigueria & Dave Davenport
3rd Place Bruce Decker & Jesse Ferris

Closest to the Pin

#1 Jesse Ferris
#8 Harry Curley
#10 Zach Allen
#14 Ruben Vigueria
#16 Zach Allen



Women’s Golf tournament

1st Place Bekki Decker & Deann Ashby
2nd Place Kristi Maciejewski & Lynette Nelson
3rd Place Klenda Knauer & Billy Sanders

Closet to the Pin

#1 Bekki Decker
#8 Lynette Nelson



Glow Ball Golf Tournament

1st Place Alan Christopherson , Billy Duke, Greg Ramsey,  Tom Ramsey
2nd Place Bruce & Bekki Decker &  Jesse & Erin Ferris
3rd Place Justin Hollar , Ty Harness, Dom Romero,  Aaron Armstrong



Salsa Contest

1st Place 40.00 Tashena Aguilar
2nd Place 30.00 Traci Stacy



BEST EQUESTRIAN 50 Celebrating Bagdad Gymkhana Club “Western Freedom”Cheyenne Overson, Olivia Fitch, Landan Morrow, Scout Tewell, Kelbe Arntz
BEST PET 50 Rainbow Dash – My Little PonyEstefan, Gabe, Kelly , Annie
BEST RIDING 50 Harry Curley
BEST SHOW CAR 50 1953 Ford F-100Gary Snodderley
BEST WALKING 50 The New Generation WalkersRelay for LifeTammy Langston, Tara Sipes, Tanya Hammett, Terri Aholelei, Lucy Gavalia, Mikelle Langston, Taelor Langston, Tranice Trout
BEST YOUTH GROUP 100 Agency D3  – Discover, Decide, DefendBagdad Southern Baptist ChurchMarta Pinney
MOST HUMOROUS 100 LifeguardsBagdad Swimming PoolDillan & The Funky Bunch
MOST PATRIOTIC 100 Bagdad Physical TherapyWickenburg Community HospitalSueAnn & Carli
BEST ALL AROUND 200 Born in the USABashasKendrick, Athena, Adrian, Marrissa, Rio



4K Run Boys

1st age Group 25.00  Chase Pacheco 15.00 Canyon Brimhall 10.00 Angel Sanchez
2nd age Group 25.00  Jack Stone 15.00 Benjamin Loveall 10.00 Connor Pacheco
3rd age Group 25.00  Steven Hall 15.00 Arcenio Sanchez 10.00  James Brimhall
4th age Group 25.00  Richard Underwood 15.00 Dan Roth 10.00 Enrique Bernal


4K Run Girls

1st age Group 25.00  Jazzi Pacheco 15.00  Hannah Pacheco 10.00 Grace Elliott
2nd age Group 25.00  Kierra Grimes 15.00 Haylee Pacheco 10.00 Sydney Johnson
3rd age Group 25.00  Laura Phelps 15.00 Toi Pacheco 10.00 Amanda Pezzuto
4th age Group 25.00  Lynn Yargus 15.00 Valisa Grimes 10.00 Joy Roth



Horseshoe Tournament 52 teams

1st place 250.00 Brenden Garza & Laken Yargus
2nd Place 170.00 Tommy O’Neill & Seamus Gallagher
3rd Place 100.00 Ron Williams & Mike Love