Bagdad High/Middle School Attendance Policy

“Every Day Every Class Counts”

Students are responsible for attending and being on time to every class, every day.  This develops the lifelong skill of regular attendance and punctuality.  The school is responsible for keeping parents and students informed about excessive absences and school policies and procedures regarding attendance and tardiness.  Students are disciplined once they exceed nine (9) days of absences (excused and/or unexcused) and/or two (2) unexcused tardies.  The consequences for excessive absences and tardiness include detentions, Friday Afternoon School (FAS), suspensions, individual contracts and citations to juvenile probation.  The specifics are charted below.  Strict procedures for reporting absences and tardiness must also be followed as outlined below. It is at the teacher’s discretion whether to accept school work missed for an unexcused absence or tardy.



Excused Absences Defined

  1. Illness of self
  2. Death in the family
  3. Immigration or Court appearance
  4. Medical appointment/hospitalization
  5. Religious observance
  6. Family emergency
  7. Other absences may be considered as valid by the principal

NOTE: Students who participate in School sponsored events are considered excused.     

Parent Procedures for Reporting Absences to Office

–  Absences 1-5: A note or phone call from a parent/guardian must be submitted to the office within 48 hours of the absence.

–  Absences 6-10: A parent/guardian must make personal contact with attendance office to excuse the absence within 48 hours.

–  Absences 11 and beyond: Official documentation (doctor’s note, court summons, etc.) must be provided within 48 hours by parent/guardian.

Any student caught attempting to submit a forged and/or falsified document is suspended.  Absences not reported within the time allotted are considered unexcused.

School to Parent Notification for All (excessive)Absences

Notification will be mailed to a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) within two (2) working days of the following occurrences during a semester:

  • The student’s fifth (5th) absence from a class will be a warning letter.
  • The student’s seventh (7th) absence from a class will be a warning letter.
  • The student’s ninth (9th) absence from a class will be a final warning letter. The final (ninth [9th] absence) will include the statement that course credit may be withheld for subsequent absences(s).
  • The student’s tenth (10th) absence from class will be notification of Friday Afternoon School and a conference.

School to Parent Notification for Truancy

Notification will be mailed to a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) within two (2) working days of the following occurrences during a semester:

  • The student’s fifth (5th) truancy from a class will be a warning letter and Friday Afternoon School.
  • The student’s sixth (6th) truancy from a class will be a letter, Friday Afternoon School and a report to law enforcement.
  • The student’s seventh to ninth (7th-9th) truancies from a class will be a letter, a report to law enforcement, out of school suspension, and a conference before re-entry.



Tardiness Defined

Students are considered tardy when they are not in class as the bell rings.  When a student’s tardy exceeds ten minutes, he/she must report to the office to receive a tardy pass back into class.  Excused tardiness does not count against a student.  An excused tardy includes a doctor’s appointment, court appearance, car accident or a parent/guardian accompanies the student to the office.  Documentation for a tardy must be provided upon arrival to school to receive an Excused Tardy Pass.  All other tardiness is unexcused, and the third unexcused tardy per semester per class is subject to discipline.

Tardy Discipline Chart

Number of Unexcused Tardies                                                  Consequence

3                                                                               Teacher administered 30 minute detention*

4                                                                               Teacher administered 30 minute detention*

5-9                                                                            FAS** and administrative/counseling intervention

10 or more                                                                 Out of School Suspension (1-3 days), Conference before re-entry

*Students who miss detention are considered uncooperative and will be assigned FAS the first occurrence and suspended two (2) days for the second occurrence.

**Students who are assigned FAS for tardiness serve a minimum of one hour per tardy.  Students can make up a maximum of 3 hours per FAS session.




– Report to FAS on the day assigned.  Failure to do so leads to suspension.

– FAS is held 11:55 AM to 4:00 PM on scheduled Fridays including 20 minute lunch.

– Students report promptly at 11:55AM; provide and eat their own lunch.

– Follow all rules and directions of the FAS proctor.  Failure to do so will lead to further discipline.

2) Nothing in the counseling area as of right now.

3) Here is the bell Schedule taken from the  Student/Parent handbook.



The normal school day begins at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. Please, do not drop students off at school before 7:30 AM. Students are instructed that we are operating on a “closed campus” for grades 6-10 and a conditionally open campus for grades 11-12; no one is to leave the school grounds between the arrival time and dismissal time without authorization from the Office.  The only exception to this is during the lunchtime for grades 11-12.  The campus is closed to grades 6 -10 during lunch.  Arrangements must be made for them to eat lunch in the cafeteria. See page 12 for more information. If it is necessary for students to remain in the building after school for meetings or extracurricular activities, they should make sure that their parents are informed of their whereabouts.  Otherwise, students should not remain in the building after their dismissal time.

One of the two bell schedules will be followed:  Normal Day Schedule or Early Dismissal Schedule.

Normal Day Schedule for High School:

7:45     –                       Warning Bell

7:50     –   8:50             1st Period (Announcements)

8:55     –   9:45             2nd Period

9:50     –   10:40           3rd Period

10:45   –   11:35           4th Period

11:40   –   12:30           5th Period

12:30   –   1:10             LUNCH

1:15     –   2:05             6th Period

2:10     –   3:00             7th Period

Normal Day for Jr. High – Grades 6-8:

  7:45    –                      Warning Bell

7:50    –   8:50            1st Period (Announcements)

8:55    –   9:45            2nd Period

9:50     –   10:40          3rd Period

10:45   –   11:35          4th Period

11:35   –   12:15          LUNCH

12:20   –   1:10            5th Period

1:15     –   2:05            6th Period

2:10     –   3:00            7th Period

Early Dismissal Schedule each Friday:

Classes meet every other week.

**1st week periods 1st to 4th – 2nd week 5th to 7th and class meetings**

7:45     –                       Warning Bell

7:50     –    8:50            1st Period & 5th Period (Announcements)

8:55     –    9:50            2nd Period & 6th Period

9:55     –   10:50           3rd Period & 7th Period

10:55   –   11:50           4th Period & Club and Class Meetings